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A hub city

  The largest transportation hub on the southeast coast of China

  Transport takes a lead in Jimei construction. Jimei has well-developed transportation network extending in all directions, speedy and handy either for internal traffic or outbound transport. It will build into the largest integrated transportation hub on the southeast coast of China.

  Internal transport: backbone of the municipal traffic network

  Jimei is an important gateway to Xiamen Island. Of the six passages to and from Xiamen Island, Xiamen Bridge, Jimei Bridge, Xinglin Bridge and Gaoji Causeway run past Jimei, and so do BRT (rapid transit system) Line 1 to Xiamen North Station and Line 2. Moreover, the urban rail transit system is planned to connect the five transport hubs within and outside Xiamen Island -- the Ferry, Wucun Coach Station, Xiamen Railway Station, Gaoqi International Airport and Houxi high-speed Railway Station. Jimei is a key link on this loop.  

  Highways and roads cross Jimei. Shenyang-Haikou Expressway and the National Highways 324 and 319 run through it to link Jimei Avenue and Haixiang Avenue and form a basic crisscrossing transport grid for urban communication.

  External transport: convenient sea, land and air transportation

  Land transportation

  Jimei ranks first in the province in railway traffic density, having the Yingtan-Xiamen, Fuzhou-Xiamen, Xiamen-Shenzhen, and Longyan-Xiamen rail lines meeting at Xiamen North Railway Station in Houxi, Jimei. The North Station is an important passenger station on the fast tracked coastal railways in China and the largest integrated transportation hub on the southeast coast. 11 million passengers are expected to be handled in 2030. Currently, the Fuzhou-Xiamen high-speed railway open to traffic in 2010 takes only a 100-minute drive from Xiamen to Fuzhou. Xiamen-Shenzhen Railway is expected to open to traffic in the near future, and the distance will be covered in a mere three hours. Meanwhile, Jimei boasts the largest freight train station in East China -- the Qianchang Freight Train Station.   

  Sea transportation

  Jimei is six km to Dongdu Port12 km to Haicang Portand 8 km to Xiamen Passenger Terminal. Xiamen Port, representing all port areas in Xiamen and Zhangzhou, is an important natural deep-water harbor on the southeast coast of China, designated as a main coastal hub port and a key container port, ranking the seventh nationwide and the 19th worldwide by container throughput. It is served by 272 international lines to 84 domestic and foreign ports by direct navigation.

  Air transportation 

  Jimei is only a bridge away from the Xiamen International Airport, and 5 km to Xiamen International Airport Terminal. Xiamen International Airport is China’s fourth largest immigration airports now operating 172 intercity routes and handling 13.2066 million passengers on a steady and rapid growth year after year.

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