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Jimei: Lovable & Livable, Cultural & Natural

Jimei is a pearl glowing on the southeast coast of China, a cultural and natural city, lovable and livable. 

Jimei is conveniently located at the heart of the Minnan Delta of Xiamen, Zhangzhou and Quanzhou, bordered by Changtai, Zhangzhou to the northwest, Tong’an District to the northeast, Haicang District to the southwest and Xiamen Island proper to the southeast, overlooking Taiwan and Kinmen islands across the Taiwan Straits. It has an area of 276 km2, a resident population of 580,000, and a coastline 60 km in length. Jimei enjoys a subtropical marine monsoon climate, always sunny and humid, winter warm and summer cool.  

Jimei is a busy industrial district with great strength and potentials. The past 25 years has witnessed its rapid growth in manufacturing industry and competitive edge of industrial clusters. It hosts three industrial areas, including two national ones of Xinglin Taiwanese Investment Zone and Jimei Taiwanese Investment Zone, and a third provincial one of Xiamen Machinery Industrial Park. It has also fostered five ten-billion manufacturing chains of vehicles, machinery, textile, bath & toilet equipments, and tungsten processing. The industrial chains are steadily extending and supporting sectors growing. 

Jimei is a distinguished cultural and educational area, a community teeming with talent and enthusiasm thanks to the reputed Jimei School village and the well-balanced educational institutions from kindergarten, primary school, secondary school to university. At the same time it is well-known hometown of overseas Chinese and scenic area of great attraction. Three million tourists visit it annually for its calming elegance, charming scenery and outstanding cultural landscape of south Fujian. 

As an emerging urban community on fast track construction, Jimei has full potentials to grow into a modern city where well-developed transportation network, well-structured industry and well-functioned urban facilities ensure the quality urban life in an open, ecological and modern city. 

Jimei is entering a new historical period as a central city of the municipality of Xiamen and an active part of the economic zone. Sustained from its standing in the broad blueprint of Xiamen as an important center of the Haixi economic zone, Jimei will play a vanguard role in the urban and rural integration of Xiamen Island and off island and in the urban expansion beyond the island. New leaps and bounds with technology are expected in Jimei.



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