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  Xingbin Subdistrict, a shining pearl on the west coast of Xiamen sea facing Xiamen Island across the Bay, was established in November 2004 from the former Xinling Town. It is located at an advantageous position to have National Highway 319, Yingtan-Xiamen Railway, Fuzhou-Xiamen High-speed Railway, Xiamen-Shenzhen High-speed Railway and Shenyang-Haikou Expressway running through, and Xinglinn Taiwanese Investment Zone born here. It has an area of ​​21.6 square kilometers divided into seven neighborhood communities committees and a permanent population of 140,000, including 27,593 with local household registration.

Xingbin holds an important strategic position in the one-axis-four-flank butterfly layout of Jimei New Town. It is at once the core of Xinglin Area, important manufacturing base and logistics base for Haixi, and the new business service center for Xiamen, a critical role to play in Jimei’s urban and rural integration.

  A good transport network, a sound infrastructure and a strong industrial base give Xingbin valuable assets to competitive advantage. Its industrial economy has flourished on machinery, electronics and new materials, and it is home to over 1,100 enterprises, of which 176 above designated size.

    In recent years, Xingbin keeps on optimizing the industrial structure and urban layout to create a new bayfront urban community. The grand program involves one distribution center, two residential estates and three industrial zones. The distribution center for the district relies on Qianpu Logistics Park supplemented by Zhongyacheng Wholesale Building Materials Market and Qianpu wholesale Grain Market. Then there are Xingbei Residential Estates, which is a quality community for residential buildings, a business center and a logistics center, and Maluanwan Residential Estates, which is an area for elite waterfront residential buildings, a high-tech zone and a R&D zone.Strenuous efforts are also made to nurture the leading industry, upgrade the traditional industries and accelerate the high-tech emerging industries in the three industrial zones of Xingxi, Xingbei and Zhongyacheng. Meanwhile, the secondary and tertiary industries are encouraged and modern service fostered through introduction of shopping malls, supermarket chains, and business of catering, leisure and entertainment.

In the construction boom of Haixi, the western economic zone on the western coast of Taiwan Straits, Xingbin is assiduously pushing ahead its urbanization to a high level in accordance with high and strict requirements Its unique geographical advantage, supportive sound investment environments and the accumulative strong potential will elevate this bayfront urban community into a new glory.


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