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Qiaoying Subdistrictestablished on May 16, 2001, is a 18.4 square kilometer area. Its east of fishpond of Dong’an Community borders Houtian Village of Tong’an District , its west of Xinlin Bay shoals borders the Army farmland , its south of Road 12 borders Jimei Subdistrict  and its north of Damao Hill connecting Meimao hill-ridge borders Tong’an District. There are six neighborhood communities and Tianma Breeder Farm in this district with 12,000 residents and 50,000 migrants.

The district is conveniently located in the joint of the Tong’an-Jimei Economic Rim and this location promises abundant business opportunities. The past few years has witnessed the shaping of ideal soft and solid investment environments here. We are pushing ahead the construction of three functional areas in Qiaoying in accordance with the strategic requirements to build three development platforms in Jimei Subdistrict with the launch of the Bay City. An area of ​​4.5 square kilometers has been completed in the intended industrial park west of the Tong’an-Jimei Highway. In it there is Tianma Water Plant, 110KV Double Circuit Transformer Station, Sewage Treatment Plant and Liquefied Gas Station.

More than 100 enterprises have settled down in Qiaoying. Most of them are funded by overseas investors, and 70% are Taiwan-funded business. Also, most of them specialize in electronics and new materials. Qiaoying is home to a number of high-tech projects like TDK Electronics, Linde Industrial Gases, Xiamen Honglu Tungsten Molybdenum, Xiamen Jinlu Special Compound Metal, and Xiamen Hongfa Electro Acoustic. Its northern industrial area is the first IS014000-certified Taiwanese Investment Zone.

An ecological, environmentally friendly, and technologically advanced modern industrial zone has begun to take shape. So does the 410-hectare commercial and residential zone located east of the Tong’an-Jimei Road, Fuzhou-Xiamen Highway, bordering the East China Sea. 123 hectares of it is ready for construction, where are distributed Tangmei buildings, Fenglin Garden, Daxuewan buildings, and Jiageng Gymnasium, the Bay Road and the Second Hospital of Xiamen. Construction of Huaqiao University, the Belt Road, and Jimei Avenue confirms Qiaoying’s role as an important component of Jimei Cultural and Educational Zone.

Qiaoying Subdistrict is taking on the look of an emerging high-tech community where commercial, residential, cultural, educational, and tourism sectors rise and grow. We will seize the opportunities in Xiamen’s enthusiastic drive to grow into a bay city, and strive to realize the strategic goal for Qiaoying’sc development by fulfilling projects for the cultural and educational zone, the industrial zone and Jimei New Town, and by nurturing the local economy and enhancing administration and community service. A livable and prosperous and Qiaoying will contribute to the ecological zone of culture, education, tourism and the environment-friendly high-tech zone.


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