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 Nestled in Xinglin Bay and bordered by the sea to the east and west, Xinglin Subdistrict is an important gateway of Xiamen Island outbound. By land, it is connected to Xiamen Island by Gaopu Causeway and Xinglin Bridge, Jimei Subdistrict by Jixing Causeway, Xingbin Subdistrict on the west and Houxi Town on the north. It covers an area of 24.7 square kilometers that are divided into eight neighborhood communities, and has a population of 91,000, of which the permanent population is roughly 89,000 including 39,000 with local household registration.

Established in 1978 and transferred from Xinling to Jimei District in August 2003, Xinglin Subdistrict is an important birthplace of the new-era industrial economy in Xiamen. Accumulative economic and social wealth, busy economic activities, easy access to talents, commodity, information, and water sources of the Bay, hot spring and the world’s largest Water Garden Expo, all this gives Xinglin geographical advantage and competitive strength to develop the tertiary industry. Over the past few years, guided by the Scientific Outlook on Development and seizing the opportunities in Xiamen’s enthusiastic drive to grow into a bay city, Xinlin places priority on key construction projects to secure growth and promote harmony and stability. In a concerted, enthusiastic and pioneering spirit, economic growth and social progress in this subdistrict is doomed to achieve.

  It is winner of many provincial and municipal awards of social progress. For example, Modal Subdistrict of National Harmonious Community by Ministry of Civil Affairs, Modal in Social Progress in Fujian, Modal of Advanced Retirement Service in Fujian, National Excellence in Social Progress, Excellence in Social Progress in Xiamen, Modal of Social and Ethnical Progress in Xiamen, Outstanding Sanitary Performance in Xiamen, Modal Subdistrict of Harmonious Community in Xiamen , Modal of Production Security in Xiamen , Modal of Love and Care in Xiamen, Modal of Birth Control in Xiamen, Qualified Performer of Executor Responsibility System for Social Security in Xiamen, Modal in Social Progress in Xiamen, Subdistrict of Security and Peace in Xiamen, Modal of Administrative and Professional Codes of Ethics in Xiamen, Modal for Party Construction in Jimei, and Advanced Grassroots Party Organization in Jimei  to name but a few.

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