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Houxi Town is located in the northeast of Jimei District, an important component of Jimei Industrial Zone, Cultural and Educational Zone and the New Town. Its area of ​​44.1 square kilometers is divided into nine administrative villages and three village neighborhood communities. It has a resident population of 32,226 and migrant population of 21,709.

In recent years, Houxi Town seizes the historical opportunities in Xiamen’s drive for urban and rural integration, the launch of Fuzhou-Xiamen High-speed Railway operation and Jimei New Town construction, strive to accomplish the construction projects for the building of the three major areas so as to propel Jimei urbanization in leaps and bounds forward.

To date, eight universities and research institutions have been in use in the Eastern Area that represent 50,000 faculty members and students. They are ​​Xiamen University of Technology, Xiamen Institute of Technology of Huaqiao University, School of Arts and Design in Xiamen of Fuzhou University, and Institute of Urban Environment under Chinese Academy of Sciences. Together, they form a cultural and educational community with growing influence and strength.

In North Station Area is teemed with businesses. The transport center, commercial complex, business operation centers and automotive and logistics centers are in operation, and well under construction are projects of the Mail Processing Center, Haixi Automotive and Logistics Trade Center, the bus station, Shengguoyuan Business Center and North Station Operations Center. The Area is taking shape based on the distribution impact of the North Station and linking alite commerce, modern logistics and leisured living into a booming community.

In the Western Area, investment for Houxi Industrial Cluster has basically accomplished, transport construction, water and electricity installation and greening is making progress. Xinkou Migrant Workers Apartments and Xuzhuang Migrant Workers Apartments will soon put into use, and the Employee Service Center is under plan. The Area is becoming an important distribution center for industrial and migrant workers with distinguished feature of industry and great power of radiation.

On the ancient fertile soil now emerges a picturesque new city. In the construction boom of Haixi, the western economic zone on the western coast of Taiwan Straits, Houxi is assiduously pushing ahead its urbanization to a high level in accordance with high and strict requirements. The three well balanced platforms paves the way for Houxi to step forward toward a new urban community integrated with modern industry, trade and logistics and cultural tourism. Its unique geographical advantage, supportive sound investment environments and the accumulative strong potential will speed up the development of this industrial community by leaps and bounds.


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