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     Guankou, one of the eight market towns of Fujian Province, is conveniently located in the northwest of Xiamen Special Economic Zone and the heart of the Golden Triangle of Xiamen, Zhangzhou and Quanzhou, mere10 kilometers away from Xiamen Island. It covers an area of 70.2 square kilometers, bestowed with beautiful landscape, lush forests, rich minerals and other natural resources. Its population, including resident and non-resident, of nearly 100 thousand is distributed into twelve administrative villages and five neighborhood communities.Modern manufacturing and services are the two pillars for the local economy in Guankou. Back up by Xiamen Machinery Industrial Park located in the area , there has formed two ten-billion dollar industrial chains of construction machinery and automotive manufacturing, with the prestigious Xiamen XGMA Machinery and Xiamen King Long United Automotive Industry taking the lead of a fairly large-scale comprehensive pattern for development.We strive to develop competitive farming products as a way to shape urban agriculture based on modern technology in this area. Xianjing taro, a well known local product that sells well at local and global markets, is a case in point. In 2010 Guankou achieved a total social output value of RMB24.317 billion, industrial output of RMB22.8 billion, and total fiscal revenue of RMB 9.1836 billion. Now Guankuo is undertaking the comprehensive small town reform project. Scheduled as one year to set framework, three years for changing progress, and five years for new town, we are accelerating the construction towards a livable and convenient market town with well-developed industry and special features of its own.

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