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Chinese Circuit Off-road Championship (COC), Jimei

Chinese Circuit Off-road Championship (COC) was a high-profile racing series commenced in 2003 and listed in the national annual competitive event plan by General Administration of Sport of China, and on the race schedules by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) and the Federation of Automobile Sports of China. It ranks the first of the top three racing events in China – F1, CTCC and COC.

In 2006, Jimei District hosted the first Chinese Circuit Off-road Championship, Xiamen. In 2008, Chinese Circuit Off-road Championship (Jimei) became a major competition event in Xiamen, contributive magnificently to the development of auto culture and Xiamen Auto City. In 2009, the venue for Cheng Shin Tire Cup Chinese Circuit Off-road Championship, Jimei, was developed into Cheng Shin Auto Cultural Center. The year 2010 witnessed the Chinese Circuit Off-road Championship finals in Jimei for the first time and the year 2011 ushered in Cheng Shin Tire Cup Chinese Circuit Off-road Championship in Jimei again.

Chinese Circuit Off-road Championship has participants in groups of gasoline cars, diesel cars, rookie drivers, women drivers and unlimited refit cars. Scheduled are individual and team races for small displacement, large displacement, rookies, women, and unlimited refit respectively. During the competition days, there are Snack Food Festival, grass skiing, rock climbing and different participatory activities that increases audience participation and makes more fun and exciting races.

Chinese Circuit Off-road Championship has become a brand event in Jimei and a great impetus to the development of auto culture and the Auto City in Xiamen and to the shaping of a harmonious Jimei. It plays an important role in building a harmonious society, the important platform for cross-strait automotive cultural exchanges.


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