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Jimei Dragon Boat Race

Jimei Dragon Boat Race is a famous dragon boat race initiated and organized by the leading overseas Chinese Mr. Tan Kah Kee in the 1950s in honor of the great poet Qu Yuan(304-278 B.C.), and initially held at sea. It is now titled Jiageng Cup and Jingxian Cup simultaneously and offers separate items for men and women participants, a truly unique and special event of its kind across the country.

In 2006, the first Jiageng Cup and Jingxian Cup Cross-Strait Dragon Boat Race was held by Jimei District Government and Jimei School Board. In 2088, the Race was upgraded to a national event listed in the annual competitive event plans by General Administration of Sport of China and the Chinese Dragon Boat Association. In 2010, the Cross-Strait Dragon Boat Race was selected as an important event for cross-strait cultural exchanges by Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council. Since 2011, it has been expanded into the Cross-Strait Dragon Boat Culture Festival (Jimei). The boat race is the main highlight of the Festival. In addition, there are sundry entertaining cultural activities like Cross-Strait Dragon Boat Poetry Festival, duck hunting game, waist drum dance, dragon and lion dances, Zongzi making competition, Cross-Strait Food Festival, and the Awarding Ceremony for National Photography Competition in Jimei China, to name just a few. The folk cultures across the Strait meet, exchange and harmonize with each other through the Dragon Boat Festival in Jimei and the people on both sides of the Strait on the occasion feel more deeply the flesh and blood relation between them and treasure the brother and sister affections from the common motherland. The dragon boat race is a sporting event, and a cultural carnival for sightseeing, entertaining and understanding. As an important platform for cross-strait exchanges and an exciting carrier for good will between people there, the Dragon Boat Race is the race towards the peaceful reunification of China.

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