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Guankou small towns

  Towards a new urban community in the western Xiamen



  Guankou, a pilot market town, is conveniently located in the western Xiamen at the heart of Minnan Delta of Xiamen, Zhangzhou and Quanzhoucriss-crossed by the National Highways 324 and 319, Quanzhou-Xiamen Expressway and Yingtan-Xiamen Railway. It has a resident population of 103,000.

  In 2010 Guankou achieved a total social output value of RMB 24.19 billion, industrial output of RMB 22.857 billion, averaged a 30% growth a year. There has formed two ten-billion dollar industrial chains of construction machinery led by Xiamen XGMA Machinery and automotive manufacturing led by Xiamen King Long United Automotive Industry. The industrial growth boosts the strong economic surge in Guankou.

  Goals for development

  1.     In 2015, Guankou will accomplish a built-up industrial area of 15 km2, total industrial output value of RMB 55 billion at an average annual growth of 19.2%, tertiary industry output value of RMB five billion at an average annual growth of 50%, total fiscal revenue of RMB 184.6 billion at an average annual growth of over 15%, of which RMB 3 million under Guankou Town.

  2.     Urban construction: In 2015, 178 km2 new Guankou Town will basically be completed, the core zone of urban Guankou take shape, and the built-up urban area in the town reach 17 km2.

  3.     Life quality: In 2015, per capita net income of rural residents will increase year on year by 12%, and the updated new rural area will have further coverage.

  4.     Environmental preservation: In 2015, more than 96% of the waste in town will be disposed by harmless treatment and over 95% sewage by centralized treatment.  

  Town layout

  In the next five years, Guankou will strive to grow on the optimal fusion of industrial growth and urban development in this area. It will foster the agglomeration zone for advanced manufacturing, logistics and tourism, build livable urban community, and develop four key zones where the urban and industrial sectors grow from the positive interaction between them.

  Guankou land use plan

  I. Guankou urban residential area

  Area type: commercial/residential area, new urban community in western Xiamen.

  Industry orientation: modern service industry, quality urban community with good facilities and service for education, commerce, residence and leisure.

  Focus area: construction of Guankou New Town and accomplishment of the first built-up zone for Guankou New Town in five years.

  II. Machinery Industrial Park

  Area type: the national manufacturing base and specialized park for automobile manufacturing, mechanical manufacturing and supporting industries.

  Industry orientation: to foster enterprises specialized in mechanical manufacturingautomobile manufacturing and machinery, automotive components and maintenance, to form industrial chain for mechanical manufacturing and form an automobile park.

  Focus area: completing the construction of Machinery Industrial Park Phase II, and pushing construction of Houxi Industrial Cluster.

  III. Jimei Logistics Park

  Area type: the integrated land logistics park and a regional logistics center

  Industry orientation: advanced manufacturing logistics marked by the third-party and fourth-party logistics

  Focus area: construction of a logistics center, distribution center and a professional wholesale market. 


  IV. Eco-Leisure and Recreational Sports Area

  Area type: eco-leisure and sports area and a resort of recreation, sports and travel for visitors of Xiamen and surrounding cities.

  Industry orientation: priority on recreational sports, eco-tourismleisure, and eco-leisure agriculture.

  Focus area: building the Greenway and the unique brand of charming eco-leisure and hill travels in Guankouand promoting diverse leisure agriculture forms.

  In the first quarter of 2011, 70 construction projects including 26 infrastructure items, 25 industrial development projects and 19 urban utility projects were approved as to Guankou small town construction. They involved a total investment of RMB 18 billion, and construction projects in 2011 were to use 4 billion of it.

  Guankou has convenient transport facilities. The National Highways of 324 and 319 and Shenyang-Haikou Expressway run through the planned Guankou, and Xiamen-shenzhen railway passes its south border. The local traffic framework is basically shaped with the trunk lines of Guankou South Road Huanmei North Road, Guankou Central Road, and Jimei North Avenue. Also, the urban inter-district road grid is progressing well and 17 roads are under full construction that include Haixiang Avenue Phase X, Guanxin Road Phase YXiamen-shenzhen railway flyover and Guanqian Road.  

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