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Shengqing Ancient Courier Station

Situated at Shenqing Village in Guankou Town, Shenqing Ancient Courier Station, rare lodging relics for ancient couriers in China, straddles the former courier route between Quanzhou and Zhangzhou in ancient time, enjoying a nickname of Guojielou, or road crossing building. First built in Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), it had reconstruction in 1804 during the reign of Emperor Jiaqing in Qing Dynasty and in 1988 before presenting itself as a typical ancient building with flush gable roof in Tenon-through style. The building is 4.4 meters long, 3 meters wide and 6 meters high. It employs a wood and brick structure above a stone base with 17 stone steps in front. The first floor is a pavilion, and the second floor houses Kuan Ti, God of Loyalty in China. More stories can be traced through couplet on the round stone pillars supporting gateway and inscription on the rock in the south of gateway with four Chinese characters meaning ruin of ancient courier station.

The ancient stone bridge before the house, rebuilt and well preserved, is another attraction. First built in Southern Sung Dynasty (1127-1279), it was a wood bridge at first and then a stone bridge in the trend of northeast and southwest, crossing Shengqing Stream, with several reconstructions in Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty. The 25-meter-long bridge is 4 meters high with a 2.99-meter-wide deck in 10 slab stones. Four piers in boat shape adopt ancient technique of Shui Mu Chen Ji, which had stone built over pine base.

Around the post house are traces of ancient prosperity and peaceful nature views. There are 500-meter-long Yikou Street in the west behind the house, Qizhu Chinese School of the Su family, Shuiyuetan Pool (pool of water and moon), Lvyu Dam (Carp Dam) and ancient banyan in the northeast. Maolin Nunnery in the northwest, a cultural relics site under protection of Jimei District Government, is dedicated to Taoism gods including four generals, Qingshui Zushi from Anxi Qingshuiyan Temple and Qingyuan god brought from Guankou Temple at Guankou Town in Sichuan by officer of the post house at the end of Ming Dynasty. The running stream and flying egrets among green fields and banyans make a pure countryside retreat with nature beauty.

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