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Shoushiyan Temple

Located at the east of Yannei Reservoir at Yannei Village in Houxi Town, Shoushiyan Temple, or Yanneigong Temple, is a local temple dedicated to Bodhisattva Guanxin. It was among the first list of Cultural Relics Sites under Protection of Jimei District Government in 1990.

With a mysterious beginning, the temple was built out of a nature rock cave of 7.8 meters long, 3.85 meters wide and 1.54 meter high. Reconstruction during the reign of Yongzhen Emperor in Qing Dynasty (1723-1735) and reconstruction in 1989 have shaped a temple with grand buildings and tranquil environment.

Taking advantage of topography to face southeast, the temple attracts followers with inscriptions easily found around as traces of its long history. The first one is Shou Shi Yan (temple name), on cliff over the temple, carved in 1909 during the reign of Xuantong Emperor in Qing Dynasty. Inside the temple, two inscriptions describe reconstruction stories in Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty. Outside, there are cliff inscription of Pan Long Shan (Panlong Hill) on a giant rock in the southeast and Jia Gan Quan (sweet spring) in Ganquan Cave about 10 meters in the north.

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