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Shuanglongtan Eco-Sports Resort

  Located at the west of Kengnei Village in Guankuo Town, Shuanglongtan Eco-Sports Resort is an idle retreat for recreation and entertainment among unique nature sceneries with fresh air, rich water, diverse green food and high forest coverage. The resort, about half to one hour bus from downtown Xiamen, enjoys convenient traffic to Guankou Town, Xiamen Island and nearby cities through highways and expressways.

  It covers an area of 76.8 hectares, among which the 41.2 hectares key scenic area falls into five sections covering accommodation, tour and entertainment. Visitors can experience mountain climbing, rock climbing, farming, water sports, local children’s game, grass skating, motor racing, camping and fishing. The 35.6 hectares for service area and Zhengxin Test Track is under construction.

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