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Zhuxi Bridge

About 500 meters from Bantou Bridge at the west of Houxi Town, Zhuxi Bridge is the oldest stone bridge preserved in Jimei, which is a vivid evidence of local bridge building in ancient. The bridge was first built in Sung Dynasty between 1107 and 1110 during the reign of Emperor Daguan, with reconstruction between 1165 and 1173 during the reign of Emperor Qiandao. Records of the bridge can be traced in Tong’an County Almanac and General Annals of Fujian, while, in Records of Longqingke, it tells a legend of the kind-hearted local building bridge over trouble water polluted by devil snakes.

The 73-meter stone bridge with ancient simplicity is well-preserved, together with 8 piers and 9 archways. The piers, 5.20 meters long and 2.50 meters wide at the top, are in the shape of boat against the flow. Covered over piers are 45 slab stones in 9 sections, missing 5 slab stones in mystery. The bridge deck is 2.60 meters wide in 5 slab stones, each in the length of 5 meters, the width of 0.5 meter and the height of 0.35 meter.

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